Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Champion

The Champion (2004)
Taiwanese/Singaporean Drama

Yan Xing Shu - Wu Zhenkang
Fiona Xie - Lu Kaixin
Jeanette Aw - Guo Jingwen
Felicia Chen - Wang Tong
Zhao Hong Qiao - He Yilin
Qi Yuwu - Lu Kawei

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 21

Playlist COMPLETE and PUBLIC as of Oct. 15, 2006

Playlist 2

: "The Champion" deals with two plots in the same time. First, it tells the story of the female swimming team Fei Yu which fights with the arrogant Flying Fish. Starting with a very low potential, Fei Yu improves step by step thanks to their new and very strict coach Wu Zhenkang. The team is composed of Lu Kaixin, Guo Jingwen, Wang Tong and He Yilin. Family and friends surround them especially Kaixin's brother Kaiwei.

We also get much deeper in the life of one of the Fei Yu swimmers: Jingwen the "tardy queen". Due to a difficult family life, Jingwen can not always reach her swimming commitments as well as her family ones. However, she is a courageaous girl and she always tries to do her best. She will also fall in love but Jingwen will hesitate a long time between Kaiwei and Zhenkang

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