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Green Forest, My Home

Green Forest, My Home (2005)
Taiwanese Drama

Esther Liu - Sophie
Leon Jay Williams - William
Ruan Jing Tian - Owen
Song Zhi Ai - Susan
David Chen - Brian

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 15

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Summary: Su Fei(Sophie) grows up from a family with musical talent. She is a blessed and happy girl with a positive personality and no scheming thoughts.

Luo Shan grows up in Sophie's family. Her father is the Su family's driver. Her mother ran away from home when Luo Shan was young and there has been no information from her since. Luo Shan is envious of Sophie and hopes that one day she can become the type of person that Sophie is.

Luo Shan's father passed away because he was driving under the influence of alcohol and there has been no information on Luo Shan's mother ever since she ran away when Luo Shan was young. As a result, Sophie's parents adopted Luo Shan and changed her name to Su San(Susan) and became Sophie's older sister.

Growing up as a driver's daughter and thinking of herself as a "low class person" has caused Susan to feel inferior. As a result, Susan has always had a wish. She wished that she can become someone like Sophie because she always believed that as long as she can become Sophie, then she would definitely be happy. Under this type of a psychological shadow, Susan fosters the behavior that as long as Sophie has it, then she must have it too. From childhood to adult, this is the way that Susan treats Sophie. Sophie knows but she continues to remember the words of her mother to regard Susan as her real sister and not to tell anyone that Susan is an adopted child. Moreover, Sophie believes that Susan must be like this because of her background and as a result, she didn't haggle over the matter with Susan.

Susan and Sophie along with Yuan Fang, who grew up together with them, were originally going to study at Green Light Forest - a school with no walls - Green Light Elementary School. However, because they had to move homes, they must leave Green Light Elementary School and go to study at Spencer Royal School of Music. Sophie, who loves her independence, was very unwilling but she still had to go to a school enclosed with high walls - Spencer Royal School of Music. Within the strict Spencer Music School, there is one rule: those who forget to bring their textbooks would receive a beating on their palms.

One day, the founder of Spencer Royal School of Music's son, William, arrives from Austria to listen in on a class. Sophie, who didn't know of William's identity, mistakenly thinks that he forgot to bring his textbook and lent her textbook to him. Because of this, she was punished for not bringing her textbook. William couldn't bear to see Sophie receive a beating on her palm because of trying to help him and pulling on Sophie, ran out of the classroom with her. They both skipped class and both got lost inside Green Light Forest. However, it is because they got lost that they saw the legendary green light. Inside the green light, an old grandmother in the forest told William, after he grows up, he would meet a girl that he will love very deeply. He must trust her, otherwise, this girl will lose everything because of him and maybe even lose her life. The old grandmother also told William and Sophie that in the world of love, time stands still. William and Sophie listens attentively and this speech seems to be deeply engraved in both of their small minds.

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