Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Hospital

The Hospital (2006)
Taiwanese Drama

Director: Tsai Yueh Hsun

Jerry Yan - Su Yi Hua
Leon Dai - Qiu Qing Cheng
Ng Man Tat - Tang Guo Tai
Gining Chang - Guan Xin

Genre: Romance, Drama

Episodes: 39

Playlist Currently Uploading PUBLICALLY as of Oct. 12, 2006

Summary: One morning, a very important person checked into the hospital. That person was President Liu's only daughter, Liu Xin Ping. She had developed acute leukemia. And for her ongoing chemotherapy, a Central IV line was to be implanted in the right atrium of her heart. Dr Su Yi-Hua was asked to perform this operation as he was a leading expert in the Central IV implantation.

However, a simple operation ignited a heated power struggle within the hospital. Liu Xin Ping's health became a triump card in which Dr. Tang Guo-Tai, head of sugery, and Dr. Xu Da-Ming, head of internal medicine, play to win the Hospital Director position. When Dr. Tang found out that his arch rival Dr. Xu appointed Dr. Su to perform the surgery, he was concerned that Dr. Xu's cancer treatment for the President's daughter would grab the spotlight and impact his chance to be the next hospital director. So on the eve of the surgery, he utilized his power as the head of surgery and replaced Dr. Su with Dr. Qiu Qing-Cheng, who was one of his people and far less experienced in the type of operation.

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Anonymous said...

Watching this was... painful. Not that it's good or anything, it's full of cliches, scenes from other movies and typical characterisation.
The lead character should really get his hair cut, especially if he's a doctor. Also there were some scenes that were made poorly, one scene on the balcony the cameras were shaking badly, another in an interview you could see the boom/mic on the top screen.

You can easily avoid watching this.

Anonymous said...

i watched the whole thing. there were some parts that were really sad..the beginning of the movie wasnt as bad but then towards the end...i thought it starts getting everyone just kinda disappears..there just isn't that much excitement in it anymore. and the movie was basically based off of everyone backstabbing each other and going towards the promotion. plus i thought Dr. Kwon's ex boyfriend was too old for her. he looks like he can be her dad. ew.

DaOMiNG said...

well I'm watching this drama right now and I think it's ok for now, except that the names are somewhat confusing..? well I guess I know all the characters except their names. But then all I know is that there's Jerry Yan in it and he's also on Meteor Garden and Spicy Teacher.