Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Hotelier (2001)
Korean Drama

Director: Jang Yong Woo

Bae Yong Jun - Shin Dong Hyuk
Kim Seung Woo - Han Tae Joon
Song Yun Ah - Suh Jin Young
Song Hye Gyo - Kim Yun Hee

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 20

Playlist COMPLETE and PRIVATE as of Oct. 9, 2006

Summary: Jin Young, a very open-minded and energetic woman, works for Seoul Hotel. Her ex-boyfriend Tae Joon left his work at the hotel three years earlier due to an unfortunate incident w/ a guest. He is now living in Las Vegas. But the owner of the hotel has always loved and respected Tae Joon even more so than his own son, Young Jae. When the owner dies of a heart attack, his wife realizes that Jin Young must go to Vegas to bring back Tae Joon, so he can run the hotel, which is falling into pieces. Another high-class business man (Han Jin Hee), is determined to bring down Seoul Hotel. He has a daughter, Yoon Hee, who grew up like a puppet doll and hates every minute of it. He decides he needs someone determined to bring down Seoul Hotel so he finds Dong Hyuk, who's also living in Las Vegas and has an MBA degree and is all about work and no love. When Jin Young goes to Las Vegas to look for Tae Joon, Dong Hyuk meets her for the first time. Eventually, they are all brought back to Korea and Dong Hyuk experiences love for the first time in his life while he is trying to get set up with Yoon Hee. Jin Young and Tae Joon's relationship is not as solid as it was three years ago and Jin Young is caught between two men. What will be sacrificed in this duel between two businesses? Love or work?

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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