Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mars aka War God Mars

Mars (2004)
Taiwanese Drama

Director: Tsai Yueh Hsun

Vic Zhou - Ling & Sheng
Barbie Xu - Qi Luo
An Jun Can - Tong Dao
Megan Lai - Qing Mei
Xiu Jie Kai - Da Ye

Genre: Romance, Suspense

Episodes: 21

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: On the race tracks, the gasoline accompanies the engine sounds and creates a special smell in the atmosphere. When the cars race past, the sounds that it gives off rumble in the air and will always bring forth some kind of desire within the deepest part of a person's heart. Fast, a fastness that requires completely no thinking and only can concentrate on the high speed ahead. It is the limit that humanity thirsts to challenge.

The start of this story begins on the race track.

The leading character of the story, Ling, originally had a twin brother that is bound to him by destiny. These two with their extreme differences in their personality but still balancing each other, became each other's sole dependents in spirit and in life. The active Ling, speeds long on his motorcycle all day, regarding racing as his life-long career; the quiet Sheng, follows by the side of Ling and records the appearance of Ling with his paint brush when he is racing. Everything was supposed to be so perfect and balanced…

However, because of heavy family and emotional disputes, Ling loses the only "other him" that understands and forgives him. His dream of racing is no longer important. His empty and unbearable self does not deserve to speed down the sacred race course.

Until he meets Qi Luo. Qi Luo's forgiveness smoothes the emptiness in Ling. And love, replaces family relationship, becoming the biggest support that Ling's spirit needs. Therefore, his dream starts to gain power once again, racing toward an endless boundary…

The story's ending, Ling stands once again on the race tracks. When the starting flag starts flapping in the wind, the war-god's blood starts boiling with a sense that can’t be restrained.

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Anonymous said...

great casting!

Anonymous said...

this drama is the best !! its so funny and cute and so is the characters especially vic and barbie kind of barbie!!
recommended drama !