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Silence (2006)
Taiwanese Drama

Vic Zhou - Qi Wei Yi
Park Eun Hye - Zhao Shen Shen
Andi Hui - Gior Jun
Megan Lai - Mi Xiao Guang

Genre - Romance, Tragedy

Episodes: 19

Playlist COMPLETE andPUBLIC as of Oct. 8, 2006

Playlist 2

Summary: Qi Wei Yi is a guy who has everything in this world. The story begins from the year that he is 12 years old. Because he was the champion from a swimming competition, it brought about someone’s jealously and Wei Yi’s foot was broken due to this. He was hospitalized in a small hospital in a village where he first met Shen Shen. Shen Shen’s neighbor, Zuo Jun, dragged her along to skip classes and while they were roaming about, they got into a car accident. Unfortunately, this car accident caused Shen Shen to lose her ability to speak. Tragically, Shen Shen’s mother also died from a car crash at this time. Zuo Jun was feeling extremely guilty and swore that he will take care of Shen Shen for the rest of her life.

After finding out the terrible news of her mother’s death, Shen Shen hides herself in an air raid shelter and cries bitterly. Zuo Jun turns the hospital inside out like a mad man trying to find her but wasn’t able to. However this accident allowed Wei Yi and Shen Shen to meet. A secret place that belongs to the two of them. Henceforth, these two people’s destiny is changed. A pure love develops between the 12 year old Shen Shen and Wei Yi. At this time, Wei Yi didn’t know that Shen Shen couldn’t speak. On the day that Wei Yi is released from the hospital, he deeply hoped that Shen Shen could open her mouth and say “I like you.” Unfortunately, Shen Shen simply couldn’t open her mouth. To Wei Yi, it is because Shen Shen is shy and sad which is why she won’t open her mouth to speak. It never crossed his mind that Shen Shen is a girl who couldn’t speak.

The two of them made a promise to go and take a look at the secret future on the Christmas day when they are both 25 years old (the year 2006). Shen Shen has tried to call Wei Yi before yet she couldn’t utter any sounds. After a serious of misunderstandings, Shen Shen, who is living with the Zuo family, moves to a small town with Uncle Zuo due to his transfer to another job. From then on, Shen Shen and Wei Yi lose contact all together. When they are both 25 years old, a new development begins with these two people’s story…

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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Anonymous said...

this is definately a much need to see show. I loved it and it is one of the best I've seen out of the bunch of 10