Thursday, November 23, 2006

Princess Princess D

Princess Princess D (2006)
Japanese Drama

Kamakari Kenta - Yutaka Mikoto
Fujita Rei - Shihoudani Yuujirou
Sato Takeru - Kouno Tooru
Saito Takumi - Arisada Shuuya
Adachi Osamu - Sakamoto Akira
Nakamura Yuichi - Hanazono Otoya

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: 10

Playlist Currently Uploading PRIVATELY as of Nov. 23, 2006

Summary: In all-boys school with a tradition of Princesses (boys chosen to attend school functions dressed up as girls to alleviate the tension between the students), Yutaka Mikoto, Shihoudani Yuujirou and Kouno Tooru are this year's chosen Princess team. Dissatisfied with the half-hearted efforts of the current Princesses, Hanazono Otoya creates his own team of Dark Princesses to rival for the students' attention.

~All information taken from DramaWiki~

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guia1185 said...

hi there! i've just seen this series and honestly...i didn't like the story plot. it's all gay. they're trying to be funny but they're not. and why did they actually think of doing such thing? anyway, the guys here are indeed goodlooking but other than that...none of the episodes impressed me...thanks anyway for posting this...take care!!!!=p