Saturday, December 16, 2006

Konya Hitori no Beddo De

Konya Hitori no Beddo De (2005)
Japanese Drama

Motoki Masahiro - Tomonaga Akiyuki
Seto Asaka - Tomonaga Yu
Okina Megumi - Juumonji Azusa
Sasaki Kuranosuke - Kusumi Shunsuke
Kaname Jun - Ichinose Ryo
Hada Michiko - Hisazumi Reiko
Hojo Takahiro - Fujisawa Takumi
Saeko - Terao Maiko

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 10

Playlist COMPLETE and PRIVATE as of Dec. 16, 2006

: Tomonaga Akiyuki and his wife Yu have been married seven years. Akiyuki is a graphic designer, and is quite happy in his work and private life. One day, he attends the wedding of his younger half-brother Ichinose Ryo. However, Ryo runs off with a young woman who appears at the wedding, leaving the bride Juumonji Azusa at the altar. Akiyuki bows his head and apologizes to Jumonji, and this is the prelude to a growing intimacy between them. Is it love, or is Jumonji after revenge? And what do Yu and Ryo think as they become aware of this relationship? Akiyuki and Yu, it seems, are headed for divorce. Further complications arise for Akiyuki and Yu when Akiyuki’s close friend Shunsuke and lawyer Reiko, advising on divorce, get involved. With a theme of loneliness, this deftly woven drama portrays adult love affairs that leave the viewer guessing who will end up with whom.

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